Do you like to dance?

When I’m coaching women I always encourage them to acknowledge what they really WANT in life, and do their best to create it for themselves, rather than wait for their Dream Man to “give” it to them.

It’s funny how we can sometimes be blind to what’s right in front of our face. Speaking of myself, I love to dance, and even met my husband on a dance floor. I told myself, “Now that I’m married to a dancer we’ll go dancing a lot.” But, I put the responsibility on him to take me. (silly me) We haven’t gone dancing on a regular basis in years! And I have been secretly blaming him! 

Yesterday, it dawned on me that I haven’t taken my own advice concerning my desire to dance. So, I asked myself “How can I add dance to my life, without expecting my sweet husband to provide it for me?” Last night I joined a West Coast Swing dance class, and plan to attend every Tuesday night. It felt SO good to be back on a dance floor! I was surprised how much I had forgotten, and excited to refresh the steps to this complex dance.

I came home happy! And my husband said, “I’ll go with you next week.” That will be wonderful! But, even if he doesn’t go, I will keep going, because this is a form of joy I can provide for myself. And I will stop resenting him!

What have you been putting off, or expecting your man to provide for you? I’d love to hear your comments, so please put them below!

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