The Wolf
His focus is Sexual Conquests
  • He brags that all women find him attractive.
  • He can be romantic and focused on pleasing you: candles, flowers, flattering words, etc.
  • He measures his masculinity by the number of women he’s “had.”
  • He tends to see women as sexual objects rather than as human beings with depth.
  • He may have received sexual harassment charges.

The Wolf’s self-esteem is based on the number of his sexual conquests. The more conquests, the more he assures himself (and others) that he’s a real man. Think Hugh Hefner. This is the guy who’s bragging in the locker room (or in Playboy). He’s also the one who “can’t keep it in his pants.” And he’s the one who gets hit with sexual harassment charges and can’t understand why; because all he was doing was telling a little joke or touching a woman to comfort her, etc, etc. He honestly believes that every woman wants his attentions, so how could it be harassment?

A Wolf has learned to be charming. He is especially good at making a woman feel beautiful and desirable (because in the momentn she IS the most beautiful women in the world to him). Therefore, as long as you can remember it’s a numbers game to him, you can bask in the light of his (temporary) affection. If you want to prolong the “game” just remember this is the guy that created the need for games about “playing hard to get,” so don’t be easy!

Stereotypically Latin men tend to be Wolves; hence the term “Latin Lover.”  They tend to measure their virility by the number of their conquests. What is amazing to us is that Latin women seem to think their cheating behavior, or even a full time mistress is okay. What’s up with that?!?

Be careful, because if you fall for a Wolf and imagine you can make him “love you,” you may be in for a huge heartbreak. The immature Wolf is the world’s greatest heart-breaker. It feels SO good to have his focused attention, but the let down can be devastating. Unfortunately some women think there is something wrong with themselves when they can’t keep him true to them (think Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy). It’s not YOU, it’s just his Wolf nature.

Even when a Wolf truly loves his wife, if he is emotionally immature, he is constantly looking at other women, undressing them in his mind, and imagining them in bed. It’s like a drug that he is addicted to. It’s always the next woman that he has to have to reassure himself he’s still “got it.” You may imagine that if you are a great lover, with the best techniques, you can satisfy him. But, its’ not really the sex he wants, it’s the next conquest.

If your Wolf wants to change, you may be able to help him grow up emotionally by seeing value in himself for his other good qualities, rather than just his conquests. You can measure his emotional growth by his ability to move away from being self-centered, toward having empathy and understanding for others (particularly you). Also check out our Maturity Quiz. If a mature Wolf can really feel the pain his cheating causes you, then he may change his behavior – IF he is able to find real value in himself for other qualities. Then he will not need to reassure himself with conquests. But, if he is still focused on a childish need to satisfy all his own impulse desires, he will be unable to resist temptation. Think about Bill Clinton in the White House, unable to control his own self-serving behavior.

The more emotionally mature Wolf is able to move away from being self-centered and can therefore build longer-term relationships. He can get his self-esteem from the love he shares with you – although he may always have a wandering eye. The mature Wolf can set the MOST romantic scene, with flowers, intimate dinners, or hand-holding walks on the beach. He can zero in on your greatest fantasies and play them out for you. That can be great fun and a real boost to your morale. An emotionally mature Wolf can be a fabulous mate!

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