The Shark
His focus is Financial Success
  • He is highly ambitious and driven to work hard to achieve success.
  • He feels he must have the best of everything: best car, house, boat, etc.
  • He is highly competitive (rather than collaborative) and needs to be at the top.
  • He is generally in a business career and usually in a suit and tie.
  • He can be greedy and willing to benefit financially even when it creates a loss for others.

A Shark’s main focus is financial success and accumulation of status objects. The bumper sticker that says “He who dies with the most toys, wins” is talking about a Shark.

At his worst, a Shark’s greed can cause him to be selfish and deceitful in business. For example, when you hear about the destruction of the rain forest to suit the “needs” of a big business, be assured that the CEO of that business is a Shark. Or when you hear about the CEO of a bank who makes $18 million a year, but lays off employees in the name of the company’s need for fiscal conservation, you are seeing a Shark at his most selfish. He is literally taking the food off the table of hundreds or even thousands of employees while filling his own pockets. A Shark will ignore his lack of empathy for others by telling himself he “deserves” the best because he is better than others. He can be self-aggrandizing and even arrogant about it. He tells himself he is nothing like those “small guys” who don’t earn what he does.

On a smaller scale, you will find Sharky behavior behind a mortgage broker who adds unnecessary charges to line his own pocket. Any time that you see a man make a choice for financial gain while creating some form of loss for others, you are seeing the selfish side of a Shark. While there is nothing wrong with financial success—in fact most of us would like to have it—it is the extent to which a man will go to gain it that determines the degree of Shark in him.

Here is a true story: One of our friends was married to a man who was primarily a combination of Owl and Lion. This man was mostly gentle and considerate of others. But his Shark aspect took the form of hanging onto money and it drove a wedge in their marriage. He made excuses for not buying her gifts for her birthday or Christmas. She felt unloved and so sometimes she even bought her own gifts. But she hadn’t fully realized the extent of his tight-fistedness until after they divorced. He expressed his regret for how he had treated her and gave this example of his financial withholding: When they went out for date nights she would often express a desire to call home to check with the babysitter about the kids (this was before cell phones). He would always tell her to quit worrying, the kids are fine. But after the divorce he admitted that he didn’t want her to spend the quarter for the call! This is a clear-cut case of Shark behavior—choosing money over his wife’s sense of security about the kids.

A Shark is constantly comparing himself to the success of others. This causes his compulsive drive for success. He wants the best of everything to convince himself (and others) that he is a winner. He is filled with envy and jealousy when he sees another man with a bigger house, more expensive car, or a status watch. Not having the best causes him self-doubt which drives him to greater heights of greed. He becomes a workaholic who ignores the need for connection with his family. He may even lie to himself and say he’s working FOR his family.

When it comes to the Shark’s attitude toward women, he may treat them as just another symbol of success, and he may trade up for a new one every few years. Think Donald Trump. A Shark may be so self-centered that he is unable to deeply relate to another person. He may not feel real empathy or connection. But some really ambitious women don’t care and are willing to fake orgasms with Sharks to get into a high life-style. Some are even okay with the “trading up” aspect because they look forward to a good divorce settlement.

As we mentioned before, all the Man-imals have the potential for either a good side or a bad side. This is primarily dependent upon how emotionally mature he is. Infants and toddlers are totally selfish and self-focused. Their world is small and filling their own needs is paramount. By the time they reach kindergarten most children have learned to share and to care about others to some extent. When a Shark matures past the “me-me-me” toddler stage and learns to balance his wants with those of others around him, he can be a wonderful man. Most women want financial security, so Sharks can be very attractive. If you want the “beautiful things” and a great life-style, it’s good to find a man with some Sharky tendencies because he has the drive and ambition to create the good life. Just be sure to observe whether he is driven by a selfish need to excel or by an emotionally mature and balanced desire for success.

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