The Rhino
His focus is his Body Image
  • He is dedicated to regular workouts and body building.
  • He knows carb and calorie counts of many foods, and may drink protein shakes, etc.
  • He is willing to make others the “butt” of his jokes, especially smaller or gay men.
  • He wears clothing to show off his physical build: tight T-shirts, sleeveless tanks, etc.
  • His buddies are into physical sports: football, martial arts, boxing, etc.

Self-centered Rhinos worship their body and imagine that everyone else does too. After all they’ve worked really hard, spent lots of hours, effort and money to build that body and they’re proud of it. Body building has been their focus for years. We’re not talking about a gorgeous body like David Beckham’s, (who, in our research, indicates he’s focused on his family). No, we mean the guy who is consumed with exaggerated musculature. Think actor Vin Diesel (from The Fast and the Furious film series) or professional wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

To the Rhinos it’s an art form to “sculpt” the muscles. In fact, since they think every man wants the body they have, they often lack respect for those who don’t put in the time and energy to build up their own body. They really don’t “get it” that some men (and many women) don’t like that over-built muscle-magazine look.

Ah, but some women do! To those women, muscles are a symbol of all that is masculine. They see a “big guy” as their protector. But, if the Rhino is emotionally immature, he is focused on himself, not on protecting a woman and her feelings. He can’t resist looking at himself as he passes a store window.

Of course, a Rhino is taking things too far and is out of balance when he uses steroids or other unhealthy or illegal substances to enhance his body.

Like the Shark, a Rhino usually prefers a trophy on his arm. He likes the exaggerated image of a woman because it matches his exaggerated image of a man.  He likes Barbie dolls or Playmates. Unfortunately, his self-focus makes it unlikely that he can really connect with a woman and her feelings and needs. Think Arnold Swarzenegger. No, you can’t be a great lover when you don’t deeply connect with anyone but yourself.

On the other hand, it is good to have a man with some Rhino, so that he takes good care of his body and maintains a healthy life-style. It’s all in the balance between selfish narcissism and the emotional maturity to get beyond self-centeredness.

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