The Panther
His focus is Artistic Expression
  • He is extra picky about his grooming; keeps himself, his car and his home immaculate.
  • The ambience of his environment is important to him and he works to make it attractive.
  • He is drawn toward visually aesthetic careers; such as artist, interior design or architecture.
  • He is unusually good looking, like a model or an actor. May seem gay or metro-sexual.
  • He has an extensive wardrobe and enjoys using a lot of accessories: watches, bracelets, scarves, hats etc.

Panther sees the world through the eyes of an Artist. He expresses this in numerous ways, for example, with his personal appearance. It’s been said that a woman’s best accessory is a well-dressed man. And no Man-imal does it better than a Panther! Somewhere in his youth, he became aware of getting appreciation from others for his good looks. Now, he focuses his attention on his appearance so that he can continue to receive that positive feedback. Because Panthers are often born good looking and then take it an extra step, most women find them attractive. Think of George Clooney, a “classic” Panther. We’ve never seen a picture of him where he wasn’t perfectly dressed for the occasion, whether it was for casual or formal activities; and no man wears a tux better on Oscar night!

Surprisingly, sometimes a Panther will become self-conscious about his good looks and try to hide it under a more grungy appearance. In this case, he uses his Panther awareness of appearance to choose looks that downplay his attractiveness. Think of Brad Pitt in some of his grungy incarnations.

Although your Panther may be confident about his good looks, it’s possible he actually has low self-esteem and uses his appearance to divert attention away from his tender inner self. Sometimes attractive children are emotionally damaged because everyone gives them attention for their beauty, while ignoring the person behind the pretty face. This can be doubly true for handsome gay men.

In a desire to appear cool and sophisticated, (or to protect his emotional vulnerability) some Panthers keep themselves slightly aloof from others, and thus it may be hard to connect emotionally. A tendency to isolate may also be observed in the sports a Panther chooses: running, biking, skiing. Take note if he shies away from sports that put him in a situation where he must be involved with a group, i.e.: volleyball, basketball, or a casual game of football.

Another way his artistic sensibilities may show up is in his environment. Check out his desk at the office. Is it beautifully organized and well maintained? Are there some extra touches in the way he “decorates” his personal space? His need to express his artistic views may also show up at home. When you rearrange the furniture, he may want to be involved and is likely to have some good suggestions.

We know a Panther whose generous desire to make the environment more beautiful causes him to carry a large plastic bag on his morning walk. He uses it to pick up litter from the neighborhood. Therefore it can be wonderful to have a Panther’s help in improving the aesthetics of your life.

Men with a strong Panther aspect are often drawn to artistic careers, such as interior decorator or graphic design. We know a Panther who uses his artist’s eye to restore cars. His cars always have that extra something that makes them win at car shows. Way to go, Panther!

Although nearly all women are attracted to a Panther’s good looks, some nurturing types can sense the wounded child within and feel a tendency to rescue this handsome man. As with all the Man-imal types, the better you know him the better you can understand him and work to build a relationship.

So, if you can get past his pretty face and connect with a mature Panther on an emotional level, just be prepared for the possibility of being “lost in the crowd” while everyone fawns over your man. Otherwise – enjoy your good looking Panther and a beautiful lifestyle!

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