The Panda
His focus is Fun & Friends
  • He is always ready to party and often the social organizer.
  • He has a large group of friends and is the guy everyone invites ‘cuz he’s so FUN!
  • He is easy going, can be a goof-ball, is very playful and may seem immature.
  • He has a friendly sense of humor and loves to play jokes on others, but never mean, just silly.
  • Although he has many friends, he may actually be lonely, due to a lack of deep connections.

Pandas can be SO fun! In general they show a happy-go-lucky nature and are always ready to go-with-the flow. They want to play or joke around all day. Because Pandas like people, they are usually happiest in social situations and will often be the one to gather people together for activities. This type is sometimes called a Teddy Bear, but we named them Pandas, in honor of Jack Black, who was the voice for Po, the panda in the movie, Kung Fu Panda. In real life also, Jack Black, with his fun-loving ways, is the poster boy for this Man-imal. In some ways you could consider Pandas as junior Gorillas, because of their desire to connect to people.

A Panda’s immaturity can show up in troublesome ways however, such as “frat boy” pranks, or overdoing when he want to “party hearty.” We think this is often caused by an inability to actually connect and build real relationships (like the Gorillas can). Instead, a Panda will put on a smile and clown around to cover up his vulnerabilities. It can take courage to face the challenges of building real relationships, and some Pandas would rather retreat into goof-ball antics.

The immature side of a Panda can also be seen in inappropriate behavior. We have a friend who told us about attending a funeral with a Panda. She was totally embarrassed when he started cracking jokes. Thinking back on the situation, she believes he was uncomfortable with the tender emotions brought up in the funeral service. His jokes were his attempt to cover up his real feelings.

Another example would be the classic picture of the guy at the party who puts a lampshade on his head. This man is not comfortable with being himself, so he behaves in ways that distract from revealing his real self, and becomes a clown instead. Initially, because he is entertaining others, it may be hard to see that his behavior is selfish, but in reality he is focused only on himself and his emotionally insecure feelings. He is reassuring himself that he is acceptable by gathering laughter and attention. Of course this would be totally unacceptable behavior for the companion of a woman who prefers to present a classy or sophisticated image.

But a Panda who is emotionally mature can be a real delight and a marvelous companion. Think of Robert Downey, Jr. who, as a youth, went through a period of substance abuse and legal troubles. As an adult he has faced his challenges and matured into a wonderfully talented actor. His playful Panda side shows on movie sets, since other actors report he is full of pranks. Now he seems truly comfortable with himself and many women find him sexy and attractive.

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