The Owl
His focus is Cerebral Activities
  • He is very well read and likes to discuss ideas.
  • He is highly educated, and tends to expand his knowledge through intellectual pursuits.
  • He is more a thinker than a physical do-er.
  • He gravitates toward academic or scientific careers, e.g. teacher, writer, mathematician, or similar field.
  • He is very intelligent and may be seen as witty or a “nerd.”

The Owl is the most intellectual of the Man-imals. That doesn’t mean he is the most intelligent, just that he spends a lot of time in his head. He likes to think about things and analyze them before he acts. He is not usually impulsive or emotional; rather he is rational and reasonable in his behavior. This is also true about his love life.

For example, I know an Owl, a CPA by trade, who literally did a spread sheet to decide whether or not to propose to the woman he had been dating for five years. He literally could not make a decision without this objective analysis.

Culturally, the Jewish heritage shows a focus toward education and lots of thought provoking activity. Albert Einstein is an excellent example of an Owl, with some charming Gorilla tendencies. And within the artistic environment, Woody Allen’s thoughtful films show his intellectual observations of human behavior.

The computer industry is a natural fit for many Owls. And most companies’ Research and Development departments are filled with Owls, who love gathering data and analyzing it.

Owls can be very attractive to some women. Think of Marilyn Monroe’s attraction to the screen writer Arthur Miller, to whom she was married for five years. On the big screen many women find Leonardo DiCaprio, a thinking man’s actor, very attractive. And on the political scene, Barack Obama shows a strong Owl focus, with his academic background and intellectual approach toward government. He is sometimes ridiculed for his use of “big words”, but it’s just his Owl nature.

Some women are attracted to Owls because they seem “safe” due to their “think before acting” behavior. This can feel like a calm sanctuary, especially for women who have been previously physically abused by violent men. And of course, women who are intellectually inclined enjoy the company of a man who can share stimulating conversations, book, film, and theatre reviews.

Women who have achieved personal corporate success are also often drawn toward men who are well educated and can form a sophisticated couple to assist in moving up the corporate ladder. As always, the emotional maturity of the man is the determining factor. If he is still immature and self-centered, he may not have developed the social skills to relate well with others. On the other hand a mature Owl has depth, not just surface appeal, which can last through the years.

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