The Monkey
His focus is Adventure & Excitement
  • He loves participating in extreme sports such as: downhill skiing, para-gliding, car racing, etc.
  • He gets a rush from performing on center stage. May be a musician, actor, public speaker, etc.
  • He is adventurous and likes to travel (backpack?) to exotic locations.
  • He always wants to try some new or exciting challenge; an adrenaline junkie.
  • He is an optimistic gambler and likes to push the limits, maybe through financial risk.

Monkeys are curious about life; when young, he “got into everything.” Sometimes he responds to parental guidance by rebelling, which can lead him into experimenting with truly dangerous aspects of life such as drugs or street life. Of course this is alarming to parents!

However, the more you try to control a Monkey, the more he will resist. Other types of young Man-imals may listen to reason, and learn from others mistakes, but a Monkey learns by doing. He’s just got to touch that hot stove to see what it really feels like.

Depending on where he grew up, his adventure seeking can take different forms. If he grew up on a farm, he might become a bull rider in rodeos. If he lives in Los Angeles he might become a stunt actor. Or, as a teenager in Middle America, he may play in a garage band and become the next rock star.

A Monkey is always ready to try something new, often things that might seem somewhat challenging or even dangerous to the rest of us. It’s as though he has no fear, wants to live life fully and doesn’t want to miss anything. He wants to bungee jump, or parachute out of planes, and ride the zip-line. Excitement is like a drug that his body craves; a real adrenaline junkie.

For some women, this “dangerous” energy can be attractive. It can be fun and exciting to be with a Monkey. Especially if he’s a “bad boy” with a tender heart of gold! In the movies this role would be played by James Dean or Marlon Brando; and how about John Travolta in Grease? Sandy just couldn’t resist that exciting Monkey!

If you like your Monkey excitement to be packaged with more sophistication, think of James Bond, the classic risk-taker in a tux, with a British accent. Yum, yum!

But, if you love him and are afraid he might get hurt, a Monkey’s behavior can be anxiety producing. An emotionally immature Monkey can go too far, always wanting to give life a little more “juice.” He will selfishly pursue his “adrenaline addiction,” and be oblivious to the effect on his loved ones. Think of the bull riders who ride so often that they eventually break most of the bones in their body. Or how about race car drivers like Mario Andretti, or stuntman Evil Kneivel? Or think of Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter. These are all Monkeys. All of them perform for the public and get their “fix” by pushing the envelope.

Another group of performers are those on stage like Mick Jagger. The music world seems particularly rich with Monkey energy; lots of performers living on the edge. You can identify a Monkey by how he lives his life. Is he taking chances? Does he seem drawn toward risk? Again, you will find plenty of women who love to bask in his exciting limelight. The groupies follow musical Monkeys everywhere.

Because Monkeys are usually full of high energy, they can accomplish a great deal. If they also have a Shark aspect, they can be very bold in finding ways to earn an income. A good example would be Richard Branson, who is famous for his many pranks and high-jinks, along with drive for financial success. What is less well know about him is his Gorilla side, as shown by his choice to always work from home so that he can be near his family.

There are also Monkeys who get their fix through financial risk. This can be a gambler, or an investor, but it can also be a businessman who keeps “betting the farm” on his next business opportunity.

We know a woman whose husband is a Monkey. He is brilliant and has invented numerous high value items. He is also a very hardworking self-made businessman. He loves adventure and is often in situations where his life is in danger on the water or in the air. But his greatest risk taking shows up when he has repeatedly mortgaged the family home to finance his business ventures. Although his wife begs him not to do it, every time he ignores her pleas. He is convinced that he knows best and it will all work out. He thinks she should just trust him.

If your Monkey is immature he will selfishly focus on fulfilling his reckless drive. On the other hand, if he is emotionally mature, and can balance his “need for speed” with consideration for your feelings, then you can happily go along for an exciting ride!

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