The Lion
His focus is Good Works
  • He is involved with social issues: Green Peace, Occupy Wall Street, climate change, etc.
  • He has high ideals for society, works to make improvements, and votes accordingly.
  • He is committed to charitable or religious causes, and donates his time and/or resources.
  • He is spiritual/religious and may adhere to the teachings of a group.
  • He is idealistic; may seem self-righteous to others who do not share his high ideals.

A Lion is one of the nice guys. He wants to improve the world. He doesn’t just think about it, he actually does something. He may choose a favorite cause and work hard to support it, such as the men who camped out on behalf of Occupy Wall Street. A Lion may have experienced some kind of loss, and now his altruistic side leads him to work hard to improve the situation so that no one else has the same negative experience. Or he might volunteer to serve for a few years in the Peace Corps or join the military to defend freedoms all over the world.

On the other hand, sometimes a Lion has already achieved in some other part of his life, such as financial or political success, and now he feels a drive to do something for others. Think of Bill Gates and his support of world education or Al Gore and his efforts for climate change.

The Lion is a believer! Although you may not agree with a Lion’s agenda, in his mind he is doing something good. His ideals may be based in a particular religion; any sect from pacifist Mennonites to Islamic Jihadists. At his worst, he may selfishly believe he has the only right answer to the world’s problems and may believe he has the right to push it on you. In such a case he has become a zealot, and will ignore your right to a different opinion. This is the emotionally immature side of Lions.

Some women are repelled by Lions, whose idealism may seem self-righteous or lacking in connection with the “real” world. And a Lion’s willingness to serve others may appear as a weakness to some women.

But when a Lion is open-minded and can experience empathy for others beliefs, he can be the most gentle and understanding of all the Man-imals. He can be a true gentleman, with a kind heart toward all mankind. This requires a certain kind of strength. Think of the Dali Lama who gives respect to his enemies. Or think of Jesus Christ. Both have devoted their lives to serving others in this world.

When in a relationship with a man who is primarily a Lion, you may realize that his “mission” comes first, and you come second. For some women, this is good, because she too supports the mission and admires her man for his devotion to good works. In fact, for some women, their first requirement is a man of the same religious or altruistic persuasion.

But, on the other hand, for a woman who is already in a relationship with a different type of Man-imal, who experiences some kind of epiphany and then CHANGES into a Lion, it can be extremely difficult.  This is especially true if she does not agree with his new cause in life. His new focus could be anything from a religious conversion to a conviction that Amway is the only way to save the capitalist way of life. And sometimes new converts are particularly pushy about their new focus in life. Whew! This can be a very tough situation and requires the use of some of the relationship skills presented later in the book.

Alternatively, some Man-imals just ADD a Lion aspect to their overall profile when they discover a cause that has meaning for them. This can be much easier for most women to handle.

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