The Third Time is the Charm

We have a lovely friend who has been married twice. And divorced twice. Both men were poor choices for her and she was very discouraged about her ability to choose a good man. After several years she had found a new man and was considering marrying him, but she was afraid she might make another mistake, so she called me for help.

I asked her what process she was using to make her decision. She said she had made a list of the qualities she wanted in a man: sense of humor, religious values, be good to her children (from her first marriage), steady income, romantic, etc. She had also made a list of pros and cons about the prospective man. However, she had also used a similar process before her two previous marriages.

I told her I don’t think this method works, because it is too subjective. She needs a more objective way to determine what she wants and to get a clearer picture of the man in question. I suggested that she take the Gorilla Quiz; first on her Ideal Man, then on each of her former husbands. I suggested she compare the Quiz results for her Ideal Man to each of her former husbands and then to call me.

She did the three quizzes and then called me to say, “No wonder neither of those men worked! My first husband had a lot of Crab (overly critical) and the second had a lot of Rat (avoiding accountability).” I asked about her Ideal Man and she said he was a mix of Panda (playful), Meerkat (good works), and Gorilla (loving and easy-going). Next, I suggested she take the Quiz for her new prospect and then call me again.

It wasn’t long before she called and was very excited to tell me, “He’s almost an exact match to my Ideal Man! This gives me confidence to move forward and accept his proposal.”

It’s now been more than six months since they married and she tells me she is very happy.

We would love to hear your stories about how you have used The Gorilla Quiz!