Some Sweet Gorilla Action

Recently, I attended a workshop. On the first day, during introductions, I told my table partner about my book and The Gorilla Quiz. He was curious and asked if he could take The Quiz. I said, “Sure, it’s set up for women, but you can take it about yourself. Why don’t you also ask your wife to take it about you, and then the two of you can compare results. It will give  you a view of the different ways you and your wife see you.”

The next day he told me that he and his wife had both taken The Quiz about him…with exactly the same results! He showed me the printout of their results. Sure enough, the scores were exactly the same for every Man-imal type. I’ve never seen that happen before! I thought to myself, “They must have a pretty good marriage.”

Then he blew me away when he told me that he had suggested his wife should take The Quiz again, but this time she should answer the questions in regards to her Ideal Man. Then they would compare his own results to her Ideal Man…because he wanted to see where HE could improve.

That’s some sweet Gorilla action! You know what they say, “Happy Wife = Happy Life!”

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