Did you get a Quiz insight?

The idea for classifying men as Animals has been developing for several years, but I wish I had known it 20 years ago when I married my husband. He is very talented in doing auto restoration and many of the cars he has worked on have won prizes in car shows. He really has an “artists eye” for determining what it takes to make something attractive (a car, a room, himself). Since I am quite ambitious and have developed a few businesses in the past, I naturally assumed that he should have his own business, too.  So I helped and encouraged him to get started. It took me 15 years to figure out this was a big mistake!

When I started writing this book and created the Quiz I already knew he was a Panther (did you guess that?), but what I learned when I took the Quiz myself is that he has almost NO Shark! He does not have the natural ambition of a good business man! For all those years I was working my own full-time job AND helping him run his business. Essentially he had a hobby and I had one and a half jobs. I kept fussing at him to handle his business better, and getting frustrated at him, but I didn’t realize its not in his nature!

About three years ago he closed his business and we moved from Seattle to San Diego to be near Jillena’s family. Now he is employed doing auto restoration, and his cars are again winning prizes in local car shows. But, I’m much happier because I’m no longer supporting his business! He just brings home the paycheck while somebody else manages the business, pays for the overhead, and figures the taxes. Hallelujah!

How about you? Did taking the Gorilla Quiz give you some insights about your man? We’d love to hear your stories!