For young teenage girls (and their parents)

Recently I visited a family that has a lovely young teenage daughter who is getting ready to date. There are several boys who have expressed an interest in her and she was trying to decide which one she likes best. We got to chatting and I mentioned our Gorilla website. She was fascinated and immediately went to her computer to check it out. More than an hour passed before she came back to me. She had done The Gorilla Quiz several times (for each of the guys and for her Ideal Man), then she read all 12 Man-imal types. When she started chatting with me again, it was very interesting to note the change in her approach to thinking about her potential dates. She was much more objective, had a better concept of what mattered to her and where her values did or did not match those of the young men. I also noticed that she was less caught up in the romantic fantasies that had previously held her attention.

Her father had been overhearing some of our conversation and said to me, “I really appreciate what this website information has done for my daughter. I have been trying to explain the dating world to her, and to help her understand how boys think, but you have taught her more in one hour that I have been able to do.”

Huh! It had not occurred to me previously that this website could benefit those who are preparing for dating. Then I thought back to my own early teenage ideas about boys. I swear I had cotton candy for brains! I was “in love” with the idea of love and having a boyfriend. I couldn’t wait for my first kiss! My girlfriends and I used to practice kissing our own hands to get an idea of how it might feel. But, even with all the attention I was giving to dating, I had very little practical information to help me understand men. Perhaps if I had been better prepared, I would have made better choices and been less swayed by the “lines” some guys used during my early dating.

With this new concept I am going to review what I have written previously in our book to be sure that it can be helpful to all women, young or old, innocent or experienced. Our goal is to help all women make better choices and have happier relationships.

Please give us your comments about how this did or did not help you, gave you insights, or even if you disagree. We love to hear from you!