What lifestyle do you want?

Recently my husband and I visited a lovely home in San Diego. It was for sale with a price tag of over a million. As we walked through its three levels, we saw a lot of structural quality and some beautiful furnishings. When we left, Dixon turned to me and said, “If we had the money, I’d buy that in a heartbeat.”

I was surprised and curious, so I asked him why he liked it so much.

He started naming the following things: the high-end dark wood floors, the incredibly unique paintings, the multi-head shower/spa, the antique Asian furniture, all the marble in the kitchen, and the panoramic city view. He said, “I would love to have friends over and entertain in a beautiful place like that.”

I replied, “Honey, I too loved the artwork and furniture, but did you notice that there is very little street parking for our friends? And you realize if we went grocery shopping, we would be parking on the ground floor then carrying all our bags up a full floor to get to the kitchen? Did you notice that the kitchen was a “dead-end” kitchen with only one way in and one way out? And to get to that panoramic view, we have to climb stairs that are so steep some of our friends would find it uncomfortable?”

He looked at me very surprised and said, “No, I didn’t notice any of that. I just really liked the look of the place.”

In that moment I realized something…. he has a Panther’s appreciation for an artistic house, while my focus was on livability for the people, which is a Gorilla perspective.

As I thought about it over the next week, I considered each of the different Man-imals, and realized that each of them would bring their unique lifestyle to their choice of a home. For example, a Rhino would want a workout room with the latest home gym equipment, while an Owl would enjoy a library filled with his personal book collection.

It inspired me to create a Pinterest Board for each of the Man-imal types. I had fun doing it! It was exciting to look at all the examples of wealth that a Shark might want. It’s interesting to think about how a Lion might show his commitment to humanity in his lifestyle. I even included some pictures of women that might fit the different lifestyles.  Please take a look at these boards and let me know if you agree or disagree with what you see pictured.

Click the link to go to the Pinterest Boards, and please post your comments, too!

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