Gorilla Love makes a difference, but how?

We specialize in helping single women who are successful in their careers, but are struggling with painful relationships. Women in our program become more confident, feel more attractive and experience more peace in their relationships. Our clients literally attract better quality men!  When people ask me how our clients achieve all that, I tell them our program creates a paradigm shift in the way women see men.

Most of us are unaware that we are attracted to what is familiar. For example, if a woman grew up in a home with a father who was abusive or neglectful, or over-controlling, then unconsciously these types of negative men will feel familiar to her. Or, perhaps she got into a negative pattern when she started dating. Even if she consciously wants to avoid these negative types, she will actually be more comfortable around them, because they seem familiar.

This familiarity factor is SO pervasive, particularly because it happens on an unconscious level. For example, if you go to a cocktail party of 50 people, none of whom you know, you will automatically be drawn to people who feel familiar.  As an example, if you have a purple mohawk and 5 piercings above each eyebrow, you will be attracted to the corner with people who have tattoos and piercings. This example is obvious, but what is less obvious is the more subtle energy around people. We are subconsciously drawn to certain types of familiar energy.

At that same cocktail party, a woman may find a man who is handsome, he earns a good living, and he’s charming and funny. She thinks, “yes, he’s not like the negative or over-controlling men in my past.” But, six months into the relationship, he is being critical and telling her how to run her life. Unconsciously she was drawn to his negative energy (because it was familiar). She wonders, “what’s the matter with me? Why do I keep finding men like this? Are all men jerks?” It can be extremely discouraging!

If a woman has been having “bad luck” with men, she needs a paradigm shift so that she sees men differently. She has been attracted to the wrong men. In the Gorilla Love program, we use a fun series of quizzes to help each woman learn to recognize EXACTLY the type of men she wants.

After the paradigm shift, the women in our program start automatically finding and attracting better quality men! They get so happy and excited, they say it almost feels like magic!

Our program is not just a short-term focus on better dating. We help each woman find the type of men who are uniquely right for her, AND we also help her gain the skills to build a long-term, loving and supportive relationship.

Our basic eight-session program includes developing skills in the following areas: Managing Boundaries, Building Trust, Handling Feelings, and Positive Communication. It is an intense, fast-acting program of growth and change. Plus, we have an ongoing support system so that she can integrate and apply the skills she learns.

This system has an amazing, positive, high impact on each woman’s life! Yes, women in the Gorilla Love program become more confident, feel more attractive, and experience more peace in their relationships. IT REALLY WORKS!

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