Ryan Reynolds
Man-imal of the Month: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, a Canadian actor and producer, has been in films since 1991 and has often been on the list of Sexiest Men Alive. He was actively

In your relationships, how do you vote?

During this highly conflicted presidential election, I’ve been reminded of a situation between my strongly Republican mother

What lifestyle do you want?

Recently my husband and I visited a lovely home in San Diego. It was for sale with a price tag of over a million. As we walked through

Robert Pattinson
Man-imal of the Month: Robert Pattinson

English actor Robert Pattinson is a perfect choice for October, due to his popular role as a vampire. He played the lead as Edward Cullen in

Dixon Refinishes Our French Nightstands
Do you recognize Men’s gifts?

When comparing masculine vs feminine energies, some would say that a woman’s natural style is to nurture and support, while a man’s is to provide

Killian Murphy on a horse
Man-imal of the Month: Killian Murphy

Killian Murphy is an Irish actor and musician whose fame has moved to America with a series of films, including Inception and the Peaky Blinders

Man-imal of the Month: Idris Elba

Did you see the BBC series Luther, starring the uber elegant Idris Elba? We were captivated by this charming actor. What’s your guess