You’ve done SO much, you’ve worked SO hard and all your friends say you’re a great catch! Now where the heck is that great man who’s supposed to catch you?

  • Is there a secret others know and you don’t?
  • You’ve tried everything: online dating, clubs, etc. What else is there?
  • Maybe you’ve even tried playing by The Rules? But it feels so fake! It’s not real. It’s not you!
  • Have you finally gotten tired of playing dating games?
  • Are you ready to make a change, but don’t know what to do?

We’ve got the Answers!

Single? Married? Divorced? Widowed? Stop trying to find or catch a man! You’re better than that! We’ll help you make a paradigm shift that will literally bring better quality men to you!

Building long-term love, that grows sweeter over the years, takes specific skills. We know those “secret love skills” and it’s our mission to share them with you! When you learn and practice these skills, your relationships will improve. We guarantee it!

But, if you don’t try something new, we guarantee you’re going to keep getting those same sad results. Make 2017 the year you get new results! You deserve it!

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Relationship Coaches: Angeline and Dixon

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Angeline and Dixon

We understand your challenges; the trials and tribulations of the dating scene and the ups and downs of relationships. We went through it too. Now we’ve been married almost 25 years and have created a happy, healthy, and satisfying long-term Love Affair. We think you deserve a great relationship, too! We know the “secrets” for a happy love life and look forward to sharing how you can attract the Man-imal of your dreams!

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The Gorilla Quiz

Women, take The Gorilla Quiz to determine the Man-imal type of any man in your life.

The Guy’s Gorilla Quiz

Men, take The Guy’s Gorilla Quiz to discover your own Man-imal type.

The Maturity Quiz

Women, take The Maturity Quiz about the men in your life, and learn his level of emotional maturity.

My Ideal & My Current Match, but I’m Not Happy

I’ve Taken the Gorilla Quiz Twice, Now What?

Discover The 12 Man-imals

The 12 Man-imals are a unique way of looking at different types of men. It will help you see deeper than surface appearances, into men’s motivations. Ever wonder why men act the way they do? With this new understanding, you will be able to avoid the over-controlling guys (Pit Bull), or the guys who just want another notch on the bed post (Wolf). Have you been with a man who blames you for everything (Rat)? Now you can recognize the “wrong” men for you, and identify your Ideal Man.

What If My Man Has A Lot of Rat?

My Ideal & My Current Don’t Match, but I AM Happy

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